The Play Museum announced on Tuesday February 17th that they created the World Video Game Hall of Fame to recognize the influence that various games have on culture and todays society.

“Electronic games have changed how people play, learn and connect with each other, including across boundaries of culture and geography,” said G. Rollie Adams, president and chief executive of The Strong museum.imgres

The toy hall of fame will provide visitors with arcade, console, computer, hand-held and mobile game models for the video version of numerous games. Nominations are opened to the general public and finalist will be chosen by an internal advisory committee. Games ranging from “Grand Theft Auto” – Pac Man and Pong are games that are featured at the museum.

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The Strong Museum continues to collects and preserve a wide variety of  video games through its International Center for the History of Electronic Games. The collection includes 55,000 plus video games along with documents and records holding significant importance to the history of video games.

“These unparalleled resources uniquely qualify The Strong to create a World Video Game Hall of Fame that identifies and celebrates the most important games of all time.”

– Jon-Paul Dyson ( Strong Museum’s Director)