davidmantek_familyDavid Mantek lives in West Ashley, South Carolina.  He is the founder of Mantek Properties, LLC. operating out of Charleston and has worked in real estate investments for the past 19 years.

Mantek Properties, LLC. was founded in 1995 after David bought a fixer-upper single-family house with a garage that had been converted into two one bedroom apartments.  David spent his summer renovating the property and upon completion of his project he knew he had a passion for real estate.

At that same time, in 1995, David was working for Guinness Bass Import Company as a Market Development Manager and he was personally responsible for the management of their brands in South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee.  David successfully managed these brands and worked with 12 wholesalers.  In 2001, David continued on with Guinness as a Regional Chain Manger where he managed the Guinness portfolio within chains like Food Lion, Bi-Lo, Piggly Wiggly, The Pantry, Harris Teeter, and Lowes Food.  He managed over 2,300 Grocery Accounts in the Southeast and was responsible for a budget of $725,000.

From 2001 to 2006, David was a National Account Manager of Diageo operating out of Charleston.  He continued on with his responsibilities as a Regional Chain Manager but was responsible for a budget of $1,700,000 in the Southeast region.

David Mantek now works full time for Mantek Properties, LLC. with his wife Danielle.  Mrs. Mantek works in the office for Mantek Properties, LLC. and David works on leasing vacancies and managing sub contractors out in the field making sure that all of their 56 tenants across each of their 12 properties is cared for appropriately.  David instantly found how invigorating it was to accomplish the work himself with the fixer-upper in 1995 and he now enjoys the satisfaction of fixing up homes and keeping them in good condition as well as offering a service to the tenants by giving them a great apartment for great value.

David also is a member of the St. Andrews Rotary where he has been a member of their Scholarship Committee  since 2005.  Where he finds the most of his enjoyment is the academic and service oriented selection process of area high schoolers.  David collaborates with other rotary board members to find teenagers who excel academically as well as participate in service oriented projects who are deserving of scholarships ranging from $25,000 to $50,000 over their four year period at any South Carolina University.

Another way David stays close to his community is by running the Bull Creek Peninsula Home Owners Association with his wife.  Bull Creek Peninsula is a neighborhood with 15 homes that Mr. and Mrs. Mantek maintain the common areas by mowing the lawn, updating mailboxes and sidewalks, and enforcing the neighborhood covenants.

David Mantek was recognized as the “Citizen of the Year” in 2009 by the city of Charleston for his work with the Charleston Police Department.  Chief Mullen presented the award to David for assisting with extra surveillance on his properties, using his cameras to reduce drug trafficking and identify and capture two wanted felons.

He also received the “Homegrown Hero” award in March of 2010 from local magazine Natural Awakenings for his efforts remodeling low-income properties and ethical and fair treatment towards tenants.

In his spare time, David Mantek enjoys real estate, flying, in-shore fishing, hiking and giving back to his community any way he can.